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The Darkness Has Awakened


In a cozy room on the top floor of a corner house, flooded with sunlight through the numerous windows, the soft sound of sewing machines echoes in harmony with the lively conversations of my aunts as they work. Here, among colorful fabrics and meticulously aligned patterns, I grew up absorbing the love and passion for sewing that permeates every thread in the environment.
My mother, with her old machine, created costumes for the theater, sometimes even sewing by hand, involving me from an early age in the magical universe of fashion and creative expression.

These memories, filled with an ancestral flame, guided me here, at this moment of starting my own entrepreneurial journey. The discovery of a broken sewing machine in a nearby alley, combined with precious embroidered gifts from my partner's grandmother, and the memories, sparked in me the desire to turn my passion into a business. At age 40, I'm learning to sew, but I don't want to wait to become an expert. I want to start now, diving head first into creating my online store, where each piece, filled with my authorial narratives and adorned with my logo, reflects not only my growing skill, but also the heritage of love and tradition passed down by strong and inspiring women of my life.

May the black and white spark of this journey light the path of others, inspiring them to embrace their own ancestry and self-love with the same intensity that permeates every point of my creations.

When you get your package, you will have a written message in it, specially for you with your name from The Darkness. I am sure, you will love it as much as I do love having my wished online store. 

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