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About The Darkness

I've created this website because I want to share with the world, the visual beauty and insights that my own darkness has brought to me.

Since 2018, I've been working on a character that I named The Darkness. I imagined that it would take me where I want to be at in my life: I want to be free to live a life full of creativity, voice, opinion, no fear, no competition in between women, and more integration of the female and male energies. I want to look at everyone as equal. I am tired of the violence, I am tired of judgments, I want all of this to change.

The Darkness is a three series of creative writings, photos, and performances based on psychological growth, wild woman archetype, and dreams. I am open to the process as I am still working on it and new things can come up.

Serie 1: The Darkness- the black and white spark. 

Photographer: @licar

Serie 2: The Darkness- the ruins of my story.

Photographer: @cra.perture

Serie 3: The Darkness: the recreate of Eve.



My Mission is

to use my acting skills to inspire women to raise their voices by putting out a creative narrative of my own life.

Differently than what people say, The Darkness for me is not about sadness. I would never agree that my weaknesses or vulnerabilities can make me feel sad or not see what is in them for me, positively. The Darkness is about integration, connection with myself exactly how I am.

I grew up under a lot of control, and because of it, I was always afraid of letting things to be. I guess The Darkness is my freedom. The Darkness is the permission that I gave to myself to be me.

Because I was born a girl, I heard several times that everything would be easier to me. I never asked for that. Also, I didn’t want things to be harder. I guess the darkness is a place that the society put me in when I was a very little girl. And especially in the moments that I came up with a feeling or a question about not being comfortable in it, I found myself in this familiar place, full of misunderstanding about my own emotions, capacities, perceptions, where I am just this little girl, silenced, and scared of the environment. But only now I am confident to speak out from it. And the only way I can do it is through my art.

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