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Jessica Prioste

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Multifaceted International Student proficient in Multimedia, Marketing, and Business Administration, complemented by a rich background as an Art Teacher, Actress, and Producer.

Professional Experience

Founder of The Darkness Video Art- Chicago Il. (2018 – Current) 

Own project in the performing field based on psychological growth, wild woman archetype, and dreams.


  • Producing and acting.

  • Editing videos.

  • After Effects.

  • Photoshoot

ESAG- Escola Alexandre de Gusmão, Sao Paulo Brazil. (2010-2017)        Private school for Middle and High School.

Instructor of arts for children and adolescents in secondary education and High School.

Teach visual arts to +300 students from art history to practical activities that include different medias such as paper, painting, clay, and plaster.


  • Develop a curriculum that includes theatre and dance art modalities.

  • Introduce students to folkloric manifestations in dance.

  • Cultivate a variety of age-appropriate lesson plans.

  • Create an environment where students develop their playful and critical thinking through concrete and abstract concepts.

  • Encourage students to express their own personalities and thoughts.

  • Use varied supports and tools for pictorial activities to develop their aesthetic sense.

Freelance Event Planning (2009-2017)

  • lead receptions and provide logistical support for trade shows with up to 5,000 attendees.

  • Greet and orient visitors.

  • Educator in cultural institutions.


  • Three pages published in the book “Essential Flights-Arranged Words”. A collection within 23 new authors by Luminosa Produções Artísticas. Opening of Denise Stoklos, in 2021.


  • Sponsored by Eaton and Basf with 200,000 (Brazilian currency) to performer and produce a play adapted from one of the most important names of the Brazilian literature, Machado de Assis, in 2012.


  • Indicated the best supporting actress in the VII edition of Cacilda Becker Festival Theater, in 2007.


Certificate Programs:

  • Computer Systems Institute (2019-2023)

      Digital Multimedia, Marketing, and                   Business Administration.

  • Midwestern Career College (2017-2019)

       (ESL) English as a Second Lanquage.

  • Faculdade Paulista de Artes (2005-2009)

       Bachelors in Arts Education.

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